During that time, it usually ranked among the top 20, and sometimes even the top 10. On the Rivera: a former bike-racing coach (Harry Morgan) tries to lure a newlywed champion (Jack Coleman) out of retirement; a woman (Alexis Smith) wants to visit the family villa before it's sold; Doc feels badly about a young man (Ken Olandt)'s death; two sisters (Audrey Landers and Judy Landers) try to attract wealthy men. A group of aging crooks meet to plan one last heist (Jack Gilford played a similar character in the 1967 film Who's Minding the Mint?, for which R.S. [3] The TV movie was followed by two more (titled The Love Boat II and The New Love Boat), all of which aired before the series began in September 1977.[4]. His first romantic screen kiss was with guest star Diahann Carroll, and it took a while before she and the crew caught on to the fact that he was asking for retakes just so he could kiss her again. The actor passed away at his home surrounded by his loved ones and caretakers (via TMZ ). There were typically three storylines in each episode. Guest Stars: Marion Ross as Emily Stubing, Lloyd Bochner as George Tillman, Arlene Dahl as Jessica York, Peter Graves as Leonard Culver, Julie Harris as Irene Culver, Jenilee Harrison as Sarah York, Roger E. Mosley as Jeffrey T. Gilbert, John Rubinstein as Allan Davis, Connie Stevens as Margret Grant, Alan Thicke as Robert McBride, Jayne Meadows as Jayne Meadows (credited as Jayne Meadows Allen), Steve Allen as Steve Allen, Army Archerd as Himself, Selma Archerd as Selma Archerd, Barbi Benton as Barbi Benton, Milton Berle as Himself, Barbara Billingsley as June Cleaver, Tom Bosley as Howard Pfister, Ruth Buzzi as Ruth Buzzi, Carol Channing as Tante Sylvia, Charo as April Lopez, Bert Convy as Bert Convy (credited as Bert Convey), Elinor Donahue as Betty Anderson, Tony Dow as Wally Cleaver, Florence Henderson as Carol Brady, Gordon Jump as Matre d, Don Knotts as Don Knotts, Judy Landers as Judy Landers, Tina Louise as Tina Louise, Patti MacLeod as Patti MacLeod, Robert Mandan Robert Mandan, Jerry Mathers as Beaver Cleaver, Christopher Norris as Herself, Louis Nye as Louis Nye, Tom Poston as Tom Poston, Juliet Prowse as Juliet Prowse, Robert Reed as Mike Brady, Charles Siebert as Dr. Stanley Riverside, Gale Storm as Gale Storm, Vic Tayback as Vic Tayback, Charlene Tilton as Secretary, Leslie Uggams as Leslie Uggams, Jo Anne Worley as Jo Anne Worley, and Jane Wyatt as Margaret Anderson. Gavin MacLeod, 'Mary Tyler Moore' and 'Love Boat' Actor, Dies at 90 After years as a journeyman with a long list of credits but little name recognition, he found stardom on two of the. The glitterati that graced The Love Boats decks as guest stars ran the gamut. A contest is held on board to determine which dog will be on the cover of dog food containers: Guest stars: Chuck McCann, Moore's Mongrel Revue. Paul (Jimmy Osmond) is convinced that his father's surprise birthday present is a prostitute (Karen Kopins). The Captain gets Vicki a parrot for Christmas, but it hasn't been trained to talk, and Gopher's and Isaac's efforts to train it prove disastrous. But his father spends more time on work than with his son. Gopher gets even in the closing scene. A woman (Florence Henderson), convinced of her impending death, tries to find a new wife for her husband (Jeffrey Tambor). Other Guests: Sam Scarber as Bubba Powell. A couple (Marilyn McCoo, Billy Davis Jr.), who are Isaac's friends and with whom they performed on the streets in their youth, are now successful and rich and have a young son (Todd Bridges). Vicki gives her dog (Tundra the Wonder Dog) to a lonely comic (Howard Morris). By Benjamin Ivry June 1, 2021. Merrill's friend's niece, Kim Carlisle (Michelle Johnson), is an energetic intern rotating through the different jobs on the ship. A psychiatrist (Richard Deacon) who specializes in group therapy goes on board for a little vacation but one of his groups joins him. A Christian .more Jill Whelan The Love Boat, Friends Jill Whelan (born September 29, 1966) is an American actress. A man traveling with his new girlfriend is convinced that his estranged wife has planted bugs in his cabin. A wealthy businesswoman (Marion Ross) flirts with Stubing; A tour guide loses her group; An $8-million-lottery winner becomes a boor. . Julie is making a decision about accepting Jack's (. Jul 11, 2020 11:00 A.M. For ten years and nine seasons, director, screenwriter, and actor, Ted Lange, starred in the '80s romance sitcom, "The Love Boat" as bartender Isaac Washington. Her frugal and cheap husband Howard (Donald O'Connor) doesn't like the changes that are in store for their marriage. See Mark Harmon full list of movies and tv shows from their career. Two brothers, Harold and Joe Nash (Sonny Bono and Marty Ingels) stage false injuries so they can sue the insurance company, but Harold has a change of heart when he meets a nice lady (Judy Landers). Doc falls for a radio psychologist; A gambler (Thomas Bray) risks love; A woman wants to retire her spouse's (Donald O'Connor) orangutan. A woman and her man-hunting daughter arrive on the ship, the mother is attracted to a disabled man but their relationship is hampered by his snobby and obnoxious aide. While taking Kathy on a tour of the ship, Ross finds something startling in the cargo hold. The pair also have a daughter. Other Guests: Ren Assa as Ahmed and Ken Lewis as Steward. A freshly appointed tour guide (Teri Copley) has to deal with a group of demanding senior citizens. The charming actors throughout the decade were Gavin MacLeod (Captain Merrill Stubing), Bernie Kopell (Dr. Adam Bricker), Lauren Tewes (Cruise Director Julie McCoy), Ted Lange (Bartender Isaac . Gavin MacLeod, the actor who famously played Captain Merrill Stubing on the classic TV show The Love Boat, has died at 90. A Saudi oil sheik mistakes his gift from the promoter's assistant to be one of the cheerleaders. Doc matches playboy Rod Baylor with Carol Holtham so he can be with her sister Sherry. Guest Stars: Dennis Cole as Dennis Kingsley, Tovah Feldshuh as Susan Ridley, Sherman Hemsley as Maurice Marshall, LaWanda Page as Stella Marshall, John Ritter as Dale Riley / Dale Reinhardt, and Jaclyn Smith as Janette Bradford. A repentant Mallory tries to reconcile with his wife. Gavin MacLeod (born Allan George See; February 28, 1931 - May 29, 2021) was an American actor best known for portraying Merrill Stubing, the ship's captain, on ABC's The Love Boat. Other Guests: Marla Adams as Arlene Simpson. The promoter of the marriage cruise is trying to reconcile with his wife, but when he makes a crooked deal with one of the couples, he is in danger of losing his wife to Captain Stubing. The "star of the show", the cruise ship itself, after being renamed MSPacific and being sold then owned by another cruise line in Spain, the now-world famous Pacific Princess was scrapped in Aliaa, Turkey in 2013 after no further buyer could be found. Since then, though, she ditched the coke habit and went back to work. A childless couple (Sandy Duncan, Jim Stafford) take in a young runaway (James Bond III). Guest Stars: Steve Allen as Durwood Moss, Polly Bergen as Maisie Nolan, Sandy Duncan as Sharon Baker, Jo Ann Harris as Connie Evans, and Jim Stafford as Richard Baker. The original 1976 made-for-TV movie on which the show was based (also titled The Love Boat) was itself based on the nonfiction book The Love Boats by Jeraldine Saunders, a real-life cruise director for a passenger cruise-ship line. Cruising the Nile the Captain and his friend's widow (Jean Stapleton) share memories; A producer (John Astin) wants a starlet (Deborah Adair) to play Cleopatra; A woman (Catherine Oxenberg) eyes the gold ankh which Doc was given at a bazaar; A busy man (James Sloyan) may lose his schoolteacher wife (Valerie Harper) to a former student. Born in Dallas, Noble studied acting under Lee Strasberg at the NYC Actors Studio. .css-m6thd4{-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;display:block;margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;font-family:Gilroy,Helvetica,Arial,Sans-serif;font-size:1.125rem;line-height:1.2;font-weight:bold;color:#323232;text-transform:capitalize;}@media (any-hover: hover){.css-m6thd4:hover{color:link-hover;}}James Cameron Keeps Smashing His Own Records, The Cocaine Bear Drug Smuggler Was a Real Person, Meet The Last of Us Creator Neil Druckmann, The Last of Us Cast Guide: Actors and Characters, Biography: Jon Stewart (Community Heroes), Biography: You Need to Know: Dorothy Arzner. A blind girl is reunited with her schoolmatewho is no longer blind. New roommates Vicki and Judy have to deal with their opposite habits. Ironically, during a dance scene, Terrio completes the dance moves Travolta (dressed in a white suit) is famous for in the movie. Julie stands in for a model friend who has fallen in love. Dickerson), and Lynn Adams as Martha Dickerson (credited as Mrs. Dicke rson). Julie McCoy Chenault (Lauren Tewes) comes back; Ace must prove himself by firing two employees; A police detective woos mermaid Amy. They traditionally aired as season premieres or during the sweeps months of February, May and November. A Hollywood movie company is filming a musical called Dream Boat on board the ship with plans to use both crew and passengers as extras. Gavin MacLeod, star of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "The Love Boat," has died at the age of 90. He also served as an "ambassador" for. A professional gambler makes friends with Vicki. Other Guests: Melendy Britt as Georgina and Sandra Deel as Dolores Strickland. Additional surprises from Mr. Lange: he was in the original cast of Hair on Broadway in 1968, and hes written 23 plays himself. Shed already been in over 20 commercials that year and had one line in a Charlies Angels episode, but Love Boat was the break shed been waiting for. American gold-diggers pass themselves off as French. A minister falls for a Las Vegas exotic dancer, much to the dismay of a female parishioner, who attempts to break them up but causes a strain on her own marriage; a man tries to help his wife overcome her denial over her blindness; the crew convince the chief engineer to forgo his Thanksgiving holiday by having his entire family stow away on board the ship. After growing up Catholic, MacLeod became an evangelical Christian in 1984. She has been married to George Gradow since October 14, 1979. The Pacific Princess competes with another ship while cruising to Alaska; Captain Stubing enters a dog-sled race against the other ship's captain, who is angry that his son is working for Stubing; a man and woman spend the entire cruise in their cabin to get acquainted; a newly separated couple find they cannot handle being apart; a scientist obsesses over his love potion and neglects his girlfriend. Kirstie Alley and Parker Stevenson were dating during the filming of this episode and married in December after the episode aired. The legendary star was . Sabrina contemplates Doc's marriage proposal, and he tells her that she's pregnant. [7], In the final season, a troupe of dancers who performed choreographed performances was introduced. This truly escapist 70s television series was centered around a luxury passenger cruise ship and its crew. Identical twins (Diana Canova in a dual role) bewilder a smitten Doc. What else? Grant and Ace go to Greta's parents' home for a photo shoot with her. A man is forced by wife to take the cruise to overcome his fear of water. A stowaway (Meeno Peluce) convinces the crew that a playboy passenger (Dirk Benedict) is his father. Note: Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis are real-life mother and daughter. Guest Stars: Bob Crane as Edward 'Teddy' Anderson, Rosemary DeCamp as Cynthia Loudon, Don DeFore as Everett Loudon, Robert Hays as Sam Bradley, John Rubinstein as George Allison, Bruce Solomon as Bill Edwards, David White as Greg Beatty, John Rubinstein as George Allison, and Kathy Bates as Sally Allison. A young gymnast's (Nancy McKeon) whole cruise is taken up by her father-coach (Alex Cord). Bernie continued making guest appearances in various TV shows after Love Boat ended. Gopher and Isaac get a dog (Tundra the Wonder Dog), enter him in the contest, seem to have trouble training him and sell him to Vicki. A former centerfold model (Meredith Baxter) struggles to hide her past from her fianc who is a Congressman. Most recently, he wrote his memoir, This Is Your Captain Speaking: My Fantastic Voyage Through Hollywood, Faith, & Life. A psychic (Eva Gabor) makes a very scary prediction. Allen and Harvey Bullock (That Old Gang of Mine; Love with a Skinny Stranger), "This Year's Model / The Model Marriage / Vogue Rogue / Too Clothes for Comfort / Original Sin", Richard Albrecht and Casey Keller (This Year's Model; Too Clothes for Comfort), "Maid for Each Other / Lost and Found / Then There Were Two", Tony Webster (Maid for Each Other; Then There Were Two), "Tony and Julie / Separate Beds / America's Sweetheart", Ben Joelson and Art Baer (Tony and Julie), "The Expedition / Julie's Wedding / The Mongala / Julie's Replacement / The Three R's / The Professor's Wife: Parts 1 & 2", Ben Joelson & Art Baer and Jill Baer & Christopher Vane (The Professor's Wife; The Expedition; The Mongala), "Two Grapes on the Vine / Aunt Sylvia / Deductible Divorce", Jesse Dizon & Don Haberman (Two Grapes on the Vine), "The Incredible Hunk / Isaac, the Marriage Counselor / Jewels & Jim", "Country Blues / Daddy's Little Girl / Jackpot", R.S. Dana shows Mark the diamond that she bought at the bazaar, but Emmett and Ella Stokes see her. The series will feature single contestants on a luxury Mediterranean cruise as they participate in challenges and dates to stay on the boat in the hopes of finding love, with those unsuccessful being progressively dumped from the cruise. A recent lottery winner (Noah Beery Jr.) becomes greedy. Mark James. 8 Episodes 1986. Two girlfriends (Laurette Spang, Debralee Scott) cruise, and one is ignored by all the men on board while all the others hit on the other. Captain Stubing's ex-wife (Bonnie Franklin) is a passenger with her new husband (Robert Symonds), a cruise line executive. One of the cheerleaders gets her friends to spend time with a persistent suitor in order to get him out of her hair. It introduces regular series cast members Gavin MacLeod as Captain Stubing and Lauren Tewes as Julie the cruise director; the previous captain is said to be now on leave. A playboy (Joe Namath) schemes against his best friend (Fred Willard) to claim a cash windfall. Doc, Isaac and Julie are confused by the sounds of his exercising and by the girl's comings and goings. Vicki is thrilled to let everyone know that she got the famous band the Temptations to perform during the cruise. Following the guest stars, cast regulars were revealed with a weighing anchor graphic wipe.[13]. Guest Stars: Georgia Engel as Cleo Bagby, Gary Frank as Stanley Adams, Pat Harrington Jr. as Ernie Klopman (credited as Pat Harrington), Audra Lindley as Mae Allen, Melanie Mayron as Joyce Adams, Phil Silvers as Morris Beckman, and Stella Stevens as Leonara Klopman. CBS & Network 10 Order 'The Real Love Boat' Dating Show", "The Real Love Boat: Rebecca Romijn, Jerry O'Connell to Host CBS Series", "CBS Fall 2022-23 Schedule: Drama 'So Help Me Todd' Gets Thursday Spot Alongside Comedies & 'CSI: Vegas', Wednesday Goes Full Reality & 'Fire Country' Gets 'Magnum P.I' Friday Slot", "Airdate: The Real Love Boat | TV Tonight", "Love Boat: Season Four Volume One: Bernie Kopell, Ted Lange, Various: Movies & TV", "Love Boat: Season Four Volume Two: Bernie Kopell, Ted Lange, Gavin MacLeod, Various: Movies & TV", "See 'The Love Boat' cast reunite live on TODAY -- and get a big surprise! A man cons his wife into insisting he have an affair; a man orders an end to the romance between his daughter and his best friend. A couple is looking for a rare stamp hidden somewhere on the boat. "Love, exciting and new. An author (James Coco) and a censor (Dody Goodman) fall in love, unaware they are sharing the same cabin. Heart surgery patient Harvey Cronkle's pushy wife Sara won't let him have fun. A Hollywood couple argue about a film he wants to produce, unaware that thieves are planning to rob them of a precious diamond in their possession. Miss "Anoushka" Mishancov (Loretta Swit), the vodka-loving Commissar of Cruise Vessels for the Soviet Union, is on board and falls for Doc, after persuading Julie to help her become "slinky.". He was a speechwriter for Iowa Congressman Wiley Mayne, and also co-wrote an off-Broadway play with future Saturday Night Live star Jane Curtin. Note: First of two episodes to air back-to-back. She was an investigative reporter, an events producer, an associate producer, and a journalist. Guest Stars: Milton Berle as Lionel Cooper, Tom Bosley as George Hammond, Peter Duchin as Peter Duchin, Andy Griffith as Larry Cooper, Cloris Leachman as Karen Cooper, Marion Ross as Mary Hammond, Raymond St. Jacques as Ramon, and Andy Warhol as Andy Warhol. Sights include Curaao and the Panama Canal. In all, 32 past and future Academy Award winners guested on The Love Boat, including the Best Actress from the first Oscar ceremony in 1929, Janet Gaynor. Stubing meets an old flame's daughter, Melanie (Margaret Laurence) and when he has to go, she decides to join him and he keeps his distance because he cannot seem to separate her from her late mother. Vicki's overzealous approach to her new duties annoys the crew; a group of bridge players schemes to get a former member back; a casanova plays hard-to-get to defrost a frigid female. Isaac and Doc compete for the affections of a girl (Marie Laurin) to whom they have been writing joke love letters under Gopher's name. The manager of the gift shop has her hands full with all three of her fiancs on board. Kopell was already well known to TV audiences long before he set sail on The Love Boat. A magician's assistant is upset when he sends his brother to replace him in the act. Salesforce is reportedly paying Matthew McConaughey $10 million per year. Vicki and a young passenger try to help out a stowaway and a very jealous man accuses crew members of making passes at his wife. Note: Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. introduced together in opening credits. Of them all, only Jameson and Sanders never sailed on the series in any capacity. Wayne and Eloise get close. Ace's friend Noel Kane (Shea Farrell) complicates things by falling for Carol. Three women (Jane Curtin, Susan Heldfond, Joanna Kerns) romancebut complications occur when they try to dump three men. A woman (Markie Post), who is being sought by a private detective (Don Gordon) to testify in a messy divorce case, sneaks on board disguised as a young girl. Gavin MacLeod . Gopher finds himself in hot water in Curaao when he runs a pharmaceutical errand for Doc, who sent him so he could be alone with the attractive female judges. Guest Stars: Clive Revill as Slade Collins, Marion Ross as Emily Heywood / Emily Stubing, Rene Taylor as Monica Douglas and Michael Winslow as Spencer Wilson. Mark James was born in 1963 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. Other Guests: Patti MacLeod as Society Matron (credit only), Richard Wren as Carl Mueller, William Jackson as Alexander Dietrich (credited as William B. Jackson), Peter Kelly as Marcel Villemin, Barbara Ward as Gina, Charles Howard as Man at Bar, Sisse Hasbo as Sophia, Ulrich Matschoss as Anton, and Gil Mandelik as Croupier (credit only). An artist (Donald O'Connor) and his orangutan gives his last performance during the cruise. April Lopez (Charo) is back again, this time as a Spanish tutor to Bradford York (David Hedison), the proper headmaster of a New England boys' boarding school. 1980. . Farnsworth's secretary and niece, Eloise (Beth Howland) gets him a replacement valet, Wayne (Jim Nabors) who's not exactly what he is used to. Isaac avoids a physical exam to hide a congenital condition that could jeopardize his job, while the nurse develops a crush on him; a young woman's older boyfriend turns out to be her mother's former lover; Julie's cousin wants to dump his fiance. A vacationing doctor cares for an ailing Doc, and he falls for her; A former dancer asks her reluctant ex-partner to teach with her at her school in Germanymuch to the annoyance of his new and younger partner; After being stood up, a woman brings her cab driver along on the cruise. Miss America (Vanessa Williams) dazzles Isaac; A woman (Audrey Landers) seeks a date for her mother; A butler complicates Ace's job. An actor (Tristan Rogers) runs into the writer of a soap (Susan Lucci) who rejected him. Newlyweds (Mary Cadorette and Dean Butler) realize that they have nothing in common besides sex. This Saturday night staple is a time capsule to the late 70s, with the fashion and mood to match. Other Guests: Lisa Dean Ryan as Spock and Vera Perez as B.F.D. A shy young man becomes a different person at night; a businessman learns a lesson about neglecting his family; a man believes he has better chances of surviving at sea than on trial. Dream Merchants. MacLeod was not the captain of the Pacific Princess in the first two TV movies and did not appear in them, although when his character was introduced, it was mentioned that he was the new captain; indeed, none of the series cast members appeared in the first pilot, which had a different captain and crew. A terrier "protects" its mistress from the advances of a gentleman; a waitress inherits a fortune and finds her new life, and her former fianc's renewed interest, a big adjustment; Isaac laments his ill-fated love affairs. Grandy was also a political commentator on NPR and a visiting professor at the University of Maryland, College Park. Capt. The following DVD sets were released by CBS Home Entertainment:[3]. After 20 years of marriage, a couple bickers over renewing wedding vows; a reluctant old maid is tricked into romance by her sister; Isaac's dental work has strange side effects. The captain commemorates his tenth year with the cruise line and proposes to an old flame; business associates double-cross each other in various ways; the appeal of a rebuked suitor soars when scintillating rumors circulate. This entry covers The Love Boat, which ran for nine full seasons and 250 episodes between 1977 and 1986. An expensive dress involved in each of this episode's storylines. Guest Stars: Phylicia Rashad as Lonette Becker (credited as Phylicia Ayers Allen), Conrad Bain as Charles Custers, Diane Ladd as Christa Johanson, John Ratzenberger as Marty Elder, Gordon Thomson as Nick Durrell, Ava Cadell as Dee Dee Winters (listed in final credits as Didi Winters), and Steven M. Gagnon as Paul (credited as Steve Gagnon). The lyrics were written by Paul Williams with music by Charles Fox. Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images. Other Guests: Shelley Long as Heather McKenzie (credited as Heather), Lawrence P. Casey as Daryl Matson (credited as Lawrence Casey; credited as Daryl), Susan Silo as Yvonne Boulanger (credited as Yvonne), Danny Dayton as Walt, and Georganne LaPiere as Betsy Carruthers (credited as Georganne La Piere; credited as Betsy). Allen (Rent a Romeo; Y' Gotta Have Heart), Doc's attempts to spend time alone with his lady (, "The Remake / The Perfect Match / The Captain's Ne'er do Well Brother", The Captain is not very thrilled to have his black-sheep brother Marshall (, "Not So Fast, Gopher / Haven't We Met Before? An accident victim (Alan Feinstein) and the woman (Britt Ekland) who caused it keep their distance; Vicki tries to look shapely to catch a singer's (Rex Smith) eye; a palimony victim (Steve Kanaly) wants to avoid new relationships. Kopell already had a very successful career going long before the show premiered in 1977. A jilted fianc hires a Mata Hari to find the crew member that ruined his wedding plans; a junior executive suffers in silence while his boss lusts after his bride. Gopher finds some money and fantasizes how he'll spend it; a folk singer meets an old friend who's now a politician and traveling with a female companion; a woman traveling with her father meets a veterinarian. Formulaic as it was, The Love Boat broke ground in its own way. They introduce his son Jeffrey (Brian Stokes Mitchell) to her daughter Velma (Telma Hopkins), both of whom object to their parents' domestic arrangement. April (Charo)'s becomes nanny to the two children of a TV sportscaster. A cosmetics king searching for a unique woman to represent his new product finds two competing candidates. Guest Stars: Noah Beery Jr. as Daryl Wilcox, Teri Copley as Donna Louise Bedford, Virginia Mayo as Virginia Wilcox, Marion Ross as Emily Haywood and Barry Van Dyke as Brandon Cobb. A couple fight each other to gain custody of their son. Another member (Jimmie Walker) is trying to find his dream girl on the cruise. The opening sequence for the series underwent three changes over the years. Hes an accomplished director, having done shows like Moesha, Dharma & Greg, Fantasy Island, The First Family, The Wayans Brothers, The Fall Guy, and of course, multiple episodes of The Love Boat. Amy (Teri Hatcher), one of the Mermaid dancers, believes she was involved in a crime and is afraid that a Las Vegas cop who is being friendly to her might recognize her. After The Love Boat, he jumped back into politics. Gavin MacLeod, the veteran supporting actor who achieved stardom playing the cheerful Captain Stubing on hit TV show The Love Boat, has died. He also plays Dr. William Ledreau on The Mindy Project. Two American women (Barbi Benton, Susan Silo) pretend they are French, in order to get men and gifts. A masquerade night moves the plots right along. A couple and their friend meet a former marketing executive who is penniless and looking for work. The Love Boat Jimmy Hopkins. "The Love Boat," which aired from 1977 until 1986, was based on the romantic and comic tales of the passengers and crew of the cruise ship Pacific Princess. The crew are in Greece working a cruise a college is having its graduation ceremony aboard: Guest stars: Leigh McCloskey, William R. Moses. Isaac's favorite singer, Roxy Blue (Diahann Carroll), becomes his lover. She then panics and tells him she's Irene's sister. Guest Stars: Elaine Joyce as Melody Livingston, Melinda Naud as Maggie Walsh, Ron Palillo as Al Breyer, Bobby Van as Phil Livingston, Abe Vigoda as Charlie Fletcher, and Nancy Walker as Hetty Waterhouse. Sharon C James When he told MacLeod that he wouldnt be doing the TV movie sequels because he was going to run for office, MacLeod whipped out his checkbook and became the very first financial contributor to Grandys campaign. the tennille life ethnicity,