Here's some links:Website - -\u0026listing_id=736195213Instagram - Instagram - Music used in this video -Prime Beatz - Political correctness started out as one thing, a good thing. appropriation, or - as I argue - misappropriation, of the Wendigo as a 1. Representation in media is crucially important, something I have become very aware of as I've grown older and consumed more entertainment. Writer, musician, activist, single father from Chicago. In some traditions, humans overpowered by greed could turn into wendigos; the myth thus served as a method of encouraging cooperation and moderation. You are also agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This is a story shared not merely for entertainment but to reinforce the communal values that allow the communities in which this practice occurs to live well with one another and within their environments. Wendigo Cannibalism in Native American Folklore. are not cryptids, and don't even traditionally have deer skulls for heads. "Cultural appropriation refers to the use of objects or elements of a non-dominant culture in a way that reinforces stereotypes or contributes to oppression and doesn't respect their original meaning or give credit to their source. And whoever!). Exactly!! I do not know, nor can I. Contents 1 History 2 Gallery 3 Trivia 4 Navigation History And they are worth considering including in one's classroom teaching. I believe cultural appropriation is Only when someone of another 'race' or culture creates something and passes it off as if it is authentic. Cultural appropriation is the use of a people's traditional dress, music, cuisine, knowledge and other aspects of their culture, without their approval, by members of a different culture. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. For Indigenous peoples in Canada, cultural appropriation is rooted in colonization and ongoing oppression. [21] The last known wendigo ceremony conducted in the United States was at Lake Windigo of Star Island of Cass Lake, within the Leech Lake Indian Reservation in northern Minnesota.[when? . Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Halloween is literally a holiday (most Americans see it as a good excuse to dress as a sexy cat or whatever, but there are actually still people left who believe it's sacred and who perform rituals etc for the holiday). The e-book is here, and you can get a paperback copy here.). The Wendigo (Also known as windigo, weendigo, windago, waindigo, windiga, witiko, wihtikow, and various other names including manaha) originates from Native-American legend, and is said to be a demonic half-beast as told by the Algonquian peoples along the Atlantic coast of the United States and Canada. Strictly speaking, cultural appropriation is the adoption of some element of another culture -- food, language, practices, fashion, etc. The Wendigo, also known as the Hollowed, was a type of Creature of Grimm that was proposed to appear in the animated webseries RWBY. One day they came to an Indian village and the Windigo sent the boy to the Indian village to get some things for him to eat. There's too much variety of opinion on the question to obtain a consensus. There, he uses the cannibalistic wendigo as a metaphor for the behaviors and attitudes central to patterns of social domination visited upon his own people in the Americas and subjugated peoples everywhere. In my blind quest to represent everyone, all I did was reinforce the problem. Wendigo is a part of MCU, too. In addition, for many Indigenous peoples and local communities, making traditional clothes is a source of income; as such, cultural appropriation can . Wendigo) from its cultural conte xt and its movement by non-Indigenous . It just looks like a human that may be bigger than normal. During a panel at YES! I just posted a new video talking about cultural appropriation and art! Character can be mean, evil or complete asshole but you still should be respectful while writing said character. Nitty gritty. Replying to @luciproletariatfox #culturalappropriation #wendigoon, #yeti #wendigo #voodoodoll #culturalappropriation, #duet with @firelotusthewitch #culturalappropriation #vvitchtok #vvitch #witchywoman #pagantok #norsepagan #norsetok #pagansoftiktok #pagancommunity, I am curious to hear the opinions of others on this one. I can't say for sure how much research Rowling did when writing her series, but others have pointed out that it doesn't seem like much. I have drawn my own version of golems too, and that is Jewish mythology. The beautiful maang tikka, or hair accessory falling down the part in the middle of the hair, marks a . (Not to put too fine a point on it, but you should totally go buy my novella. With the comments turned off on Dollightful's apology video, I thought that maybe we could have some discussion here(if anyone ever sees this, anyway). Theyre revered spirits to the point where people wont speak their name so it must be frustrating when people are just like Oh yeah, I saw one of those, it was so spooky or have an aesthetic called wendigocore. But overall I can't stand JKR. What is cultural appropriation vs. cultural appreciation? Ojibwe scholar Brady DeSanti asserts that the wendigo "can be understood as a marker indicating a person imbalanced both internally and toward the larger community of human and spiritual beings around them. A specimen of folk story collected in the early 20th century by Lottie Chicogquaw Marsden, an ethnographer of the Chippewas of Rama First Nation, in which a wendigo also exhibits tool use, an ability to survive partial dismemberment, and autocannibalism, reads:[19]. The book's cul-tural importance granted it not one, but two movie adaptations, the first in 1989 and the second in 2019. Humans could also turn into wendigos by being in contact with them for too long. I have always felt a distinct emotional connection to it, in fact. His line of questioning effectively asks what if the monstrosity we face is actually not an otherworldly presence but our all too human selves?. Clunky prose aside, this is the "noble savage" trope repurposed for Rowling's universe, with just a pinch of Magical Negro thrown in for good measure. It shouldn't be bad thing if you don't mock culture, make sure to have all information you can ( read books from culture or ask someone who grew up with said culture if they are willing to teach you) but then again they aren't from your culture and unlike creatures like vampires they are a bit more closed i don't know is it good to use them. Learn how your comment data is processed. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Lipsitz, writing in the the 1990s, argued that cultural appreciation becomes cultural appropriation "when an element of culture is adopted from a marginalized group without respect for its . In their most recent music video for 'How You Like That', fans spotted a Ganesha idol kept on the ground, in the background of the music video. [58] Several of these creatures also appear in the game's cover art.[59]. Rowling tries (and fails) to mitigate these implications by saying "although it is generally held to be a mark of the very greatest witches and wizards that they have also been able to produce wandless magic of a very high quality." The horror film Antlers adopts an old monster for its story, which serves as both a benefit and a hindrance. Cultural appropriation takes place when members of a majority group adopt cultural elements of a minority group in an exploitative, disrespectful, or stereotypical way. Twenty-five miles away from emergency food supplies at a Hudson's Bay Company post, Swift Runner butchered and ate his wife and five remaining children. It has no place in the world of Folklore and monsters. Privacy Policy. It shouldn't be bad thing if you don't mock culture, make sure to have all information you can ( read books from culture or ask someone who grew up with said culture if they are willing to teach you) but then again they aren't from your culture and unlike creatures like vampires they are a bit more closed i don't know is it good to use them. Even before it went live, she was being criticized for her apparently blatant cultural appropriation of Native American folklore, and since publishing the criticism has only grown more pointed. Monsters like Wendigos often represent, in the imprecise language of emotion, a common cultural fear. [26][27] During the winter of 1878, Swift Runner and his family were starving, and his eldest son died. That's just pulling a potential explanation out of my ass, though, I have no idea if its accurate or not. [16] Whenever a wendigo ate another person, it would grow in proportion to the meal it had just eaten, so it could never be full. Dressing up as a cultural stereotype is never, ever OK. Cady Heron once remarked that, "in the real world, Halloween is when kids . Theres something else. LOL. Lots of stories have aped Native American folklore before her, including some of mine. By Christian Chiakulas, Contributor Writer, musician, activist, single father from Chicago. It will survive on it's own. In some cases, this entailed killing people with Wendigo psychosis. See more. (A friend sent this screenshot to me, along with the info, because he knows how much PC-ism pisses me off. In Algonquian traditions, the wendigo monster emerges not randomly or in violent response to colonialism as it often does in popular media but through a specific set of circumstances that are unique to different tribal groupings. Dont like someones fetish? So it seems to me like the objection might have something to do with an inappropriate mixing of religious contexts from two different belief systems. But, but, what if they're looking at something that erodes the moral fabric of civilization? But Native Americans shouldn't be a "niche," and neither should women, LGBT people, or people of color. Truly insensitive cultural appropriation is when you're taking a part of another culture and portraying it in a deliberately insensitive or disrespectful manner. 1. Creative freedom is a beautiful luxury too many do not understand; it wasn't but a hundred years ago when art was said to have an objective hierarchy, and that was how it was for thousands of years. The name comes from the animal's reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats. Dollightful's Apology: clear up the addition that I made even more, I think that it would be pretty important for the information on this topic to be easily accessible to her viewers. Ten years later, "cultural appropriation" is no longer an obscure academic term . It was already here. Cooper and del Toro made the conscious decision to tell the story of the wendigo in a way that is respectful to its Native American roots, which in turn helps make Antlers a more authentic horror film. So for some woke culture types it's considered a form of disrespectful cultural appropriation to make your own Halloween monster or character based on a wendigo. To fully understand its consequences, though, we need to make sure we have a working definition of culture itself. cultural identity theft, many would argue that cultural appropriation is inevitable in a melting pot like the United States. Your culture and entertainment cheat-sheet. "Windigo Psychosis: A Study of Relationship between Belief and Behaviour among the Indians of Northeastern Canada." He wasn't dead. New replies are no longer allowed. Is it okay for a white person to celebrate the culture. Guillermo del Toro, producer of the film, developed the wendigo on the basis that the more the creature eats, the more it gets hungry and the more it gets hungry, the weaker it becomes. With teepees, Im not sure I get it. Those poor men (according to the report given us) were seized with an ailment unknown to us, but not very unusual among the people we were seeking. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. That, I would affirm, is truly and literally cannibalism, and it is cannibalism accompanied by no spiritually meaningful ceremony or ritual., More than a commentary on the life of wendigo stories amongst his own people, Forbes deploys the metaphor of the wendigo to advance nothing less than a critique of civilization at large and describes the violence that he argues lies at its foundation as one driven by a kind of wendigo psychosis. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Even in the face of ongoing cultural appropriation and erasure, wendigo stories are but one reflection of the survivance, wisdom, and brilliance of Native peoples. Until Dawn logo. My intentions were pure, as were Rowling's, I imagine. As it so happens, I am currently working on a project involving a Wendigo, so this is personal to me. One example is Ojibwe activist Winona LaDuke who has called for a decisive shift away from what she has termed Wendigo Economics for the sake of the health of the natural world. In Ojibwe, Eastern Cree, Westmain Swampy Cree, Naskapi, and Innu lore, wendigos are often described as giants that are many times larger than human beings, a characteristic absent from myths in other Algonquian cultures. People don't get offended on scotland's behalf over the common depiction of their national animal as a rainbow farting fairy horse. I read some stuff yesterday saying that teepees are cultural appropriation and there was a long post about how wendigos arent cryptids and how stories about them are cultural appropriation. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. 9 Neil Jamieson-Williams Science Fiction Writer (part-time/now full-time) at Self-Employment (1977-present) Author has 1.7K answers and 1.1M answer views Updated 6 mo Ah, another Mike Wilson question When first hearing this criticism, I, as a wannabe author of fiction (by the way, you can buy my debut novella here) rolled my eyes and whitesplained to myself why Rowling wasn't doing anything wrong. Kaitlin Smith on November 30, 2021. It only becomes cultural appropriation when an element of culture is adopted from a marginalized group without respect for its cultural meaning or significance or with the purpose of exploiting the culture I think every idea can be taken to an extreme and distorted to the point where it is ridiculous. From Stephen Kings Pet Sematary to the television series Hanibal, the flesh-eating image of the wendigo is often presented apart from its original cultural contexts where it carries deep moral significance. Check it out here: really just made this video to express how I am currently feeling about the wendigo doll situation and the questions I have about it. The appropriation, and reclamation, of Native American mythology', Journal of . If so, what did you think about it? The legend of the Wendigo stems from Native American folklore, primarily in Algonquian-speaking tribes located in south and southeastern Canada, the Great Lakes Region, and northeastern United States. I am just reacting to what I read in this ridiculous PSA journal out there on Deviantart. But its none of your concern what turns someone on! That will depend on who you ask. It never occurred to me that what I was doing might be offensive, because I've never even met a Native American person in real life. But I do notice that Eyre stopped short of saying colonialization is the origin for the Wendigo legend. It springs from the well of the collective human unconscious, the communal soul. I mentioned above that I was guilty of doing the same thing. We feed it because we don't know how else to live, and so we live disconnected lives watching the seasons change through windows . Certainly Navajo "skin walkers" are one of the more common Native American legends that non-native writers reference (the only other example I can think of that comes close is the Algonquin Wendigo), but like I said, it would be presumptuous of me to guess at Rowling's research style. As a concept, the wendigo can apply to any person, idea, or movement infected by a corrosive drive toward self-aggrandizing greed and excessive consumption, traits that sow disharmony and destruction if left unchecked. Cultural appropriation, defined Culture refers to the traditions, customs, beliefs, and practices of any given ethnic, racial, or religious group. The Wendigos are the ultimate antagonists of Until Dawn. Wendigo psychosis is a fascinating condition with a storied history. Chippewa author Louise Erdrich's novel The Round House, winner of the National Book Award, depicts a situation where an individual person becomes a wendigo. This inspired an entire thread -->, Sucks to be these artists I guess. Have you encountered wendigo stories in films, television shows, or books? It was created by Mayuki . They're monsters. Cultural appropriation consists of borrowing something from another culture in mockery or thoughtless misuse. Im just struggling to understand the significance of it. In a report from the Contemporary Folklore conference covered in issue 388 of FORTEAN TIMES, the go-to magazine for all things paranormal, weird, or unexplained, a complaint is voiced about the cultural appropriation of the Wendigo, likening it to the sexualization of the Mothman statue in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Only assholes think thats offensive. The idea of getting down to the nitty-gritty came from the 18th century English slave trade, when nitty-gritty referred to the worthless debris left at the ship's bottom compartment after slaves had been evacuatedand evolved to include the slaves themselves. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. There's also Wendigo psychosis. It first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #162 (April 1973), and again in the October 1974 issue. A classic example is wearing a Plains Indian war bonnet (see the 80s band The Village People). I would refuse to be shackled by political correctness. They heard the Windigo calling the boy. #QuickBooksVictoryPose #vtuber #culturalappropriation #nativeamerican #wendigo #folklore, justin bieber interview with ellen arranged marriage, Airplane ticket off at terminal five on 2023 on the 10th 2023, enriquecrespo habla de la hija de alexandra, Command too spawn in iron in a township tale. C'est la maladie dont ces dputez furent atteints; et comme la mort est l'vnique remede parmy ces bonnes gens, pour arrester ces meurtres, ils ont est massacrez pour arrester le cours de leur manie. And how many would have known that in the past - and even now - the originators of the cornrows, the headdresses, the bindis, would have been persecuted for wearing them? Far from just being a monster in an escapist horror flick, Forbes and LaDuke demonstrate that the wendigo can help us grasp the horrors of our real world so we can be here now and, ultimately, work toward solutions. Cultural appropriation means using a racial, religious, or social group's customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits without authority or right. As described by the Native American Cree legends, they were humans who have been mutated into cannibalistic monsters after being possessed by the Wendigo spirit, causing them to eat the flesh of other humans. What makes the wendigo any different from other culturally important mythological creatures like unicorns? It also seems to me to be unacceptable for authors to be unable to use one (or more) of those characters/symbols/etc. But as far as cultural appropriation and the Wendigo goes, dont you daredont you DAREtry to take our monsters away from us, PC wankers! Though these misrepresentations of the wendigo beg for critical interrogation, the wendigo stories of Algonquian peoples offer a window into the endurance of cultural resources used to transmit significant moral values, and underscore the power of Native people using these stories to engage in social critique. Dollightful's Wendigo Doll - Cultural Appreciation or Appropriation? The line between what differentiates cultural appropriation from cultural appreciation can be razor-thin, not to mention highly . She annoys the hell out of me. One time long ago a big Windigo stole an Indian boy, but the boy was too thin, so the Windigo didn't eat him up right away, but he travelled with the Indian boy waiting for him till he'd get fat. [28] Given that he resorted to cannibalism so near to food supplies, and that he killed and consumed the remains of all those present, it was revealed that Swift Runner's was not a case of pure cannibalism as a last resort to avoid starvation, but rather of a man with Wendigo psychosis.
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